Colonial Hatter

Today I made 35 hats.I think that being a hatter is getting easier. Actually I take that back, everything was blurry.I also felt weak.My friends told me it was all the mercury,but I think I’m sick.I got paid 5$.So I bought some land from the indians.But us hatters have to work all day until lunch then we have 1 hour of free time then we go back and work till the sun goes down.My son can relate.He’s 19 and works same time as me.He’s a glass maker,but I don’t know much about his job because we work all day.My son and I go hunting every week though.We normally catch a deer or rabbit.But not much.I normally make beaver skin hats.I occasionally sell the hats as well.Life is hard in the new land but we’re surviving.

2 thoughts on “Colonial Hatter

  1. Wow! 35 hats is impressive! I wouldn’t worry about the blurry vision, or weakness though, unless a member of the rabbit family tries to get you to have tea with him.

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