Colonial Hatter

Today I made 35 hats.I think that being a hatter is getting easier. Actually I take that back, everything was blurry.I also felt weak.My friends told me it was all the mercury,but I think I’m sick.I got paid 5$.So I bought some land from the indians.But us hatters have to work all day until lunch then we have 1 hour of free time then we go back and work till the sun goes down.My son can relate.He’s 19 and works same time as me.He’s a glass maker,but I don’t know much about his job because we work all day.My son and I go hunting every week though.We normally catch a deer or rabbit.But not much.I normally make beaver skin hats.I occasionally sell the hats as well.Life is hard in the new land but we’re surviving.


The Homecoming pep rally was crowded but the Homecoming game was more crowded!It was like the whole town was there!My mama was selling T-shirts so I helped her.White Oak won the game against Winsburro!I think its cool that we have homecoming every 3 years.I saw a lot of my friends.I got to run through the football tunnel .It was very fun!

9/11 Reflections

I feel sad and mad that so many people died that day because of evil men who were willing to die to kill other people.My aunt told me that every one looked out for each other and I think that we should always look out for each other. I learned alot about 9/11 by listening to my teachers unique stories. my teacher said it was up to our generation to remember 9/11.I will never forget 9/11

Life in fifth grade.

This is my first year at White Oak and Its a pretty great school. I have 5 teachers and I already made lots of friends.I have 2 math classes, 1 science class,1 social study’s  class, and1 reading class.My friends and I eat lunch together and play no ground tag.No ground tag is a game where the ground is lava, and some one is “it” and trying to tag other people.I really like White Oak.THE END

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